Jason HeadshotHi, I’m Jason.  I’m glad you stopped by my site.

This is not my first website…in fact, it’s my fourth or fifth.  There’s been quite a few.

I had a site that was supposed to be about my life and ended up being a site providing local news and commentary.

I had a site that was going to help me launch a career as a writer that crashed and burned and wasn’t even using my real name.

I had a site where I spent a year blogging every day about what God did in my life (and that was a HUGE tool God used to change me) but it was a one year project I kept going when I should have stopped on day 365.

However, there was something that went into all the websites I had done previously…I was trying to follow “the rules” about blogging.  They have to be less than 500 words.  You need a title people remember.  A list of rules that goes on and on and on if you want to become that blogger everyone reads and shares and lands a book deal.

JasonAbout2So I followed the rules.  And the book deal didn’t come.  And the huge following didn’t come.  I wasn’t Jon Acuff.  I wasn’t Jeff Goins.  I wasn’t Donald Miller.

I began to really think about the blog and how I changed everything to fit the “rules” that some else came up with to be “successful” as a blogger.  I’m not opposed to improving myself, changing things to perhaps make it better, however; I really felt like following the rules just forced me into a voice that wasn’t mine for the sake of fitting in.

And that brings us to the website you’re visiting now.

It’s made me realize that fame, attention and all the other temporal things that I was seeking really are meaningless in the grand picture of life.  My family, my friends, my God…those are the things that matter.  And through that, God’s showing me great things.  I have a wonderful job, great friends, brilliant kids (hi Dale and Eli!).

So what good does it really do if I am writing a blog for everyone else instead of writing what I feel led to write?

It doesn’t.

Thus, I’m not doing it any longer.

Some posts will be 300 words that you can quickly read while waiting for your Pop Tarts to finish in the toaster.  Some posts will take so long that you’ll need to keep them for your Sunday constitutional or when you’re sitting in your car near Nashville because there’s 1/110th of an inch of snow on the ground and traffic is at a standstill.

No matter what happens, what you’ll read is what comes from my heart.  I hope you’ll take time to read, hang out and join in the conversation.


I was born in Pennsylvania.

I went to school, spent a lot of hours playing drums and I ended up in radio.

I thought I had to “climb the ladder” so I hopped from market to market seeking bigger pastures.  I learned that really isn’t the way to a satisfying career in broadcasting.

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri (twice), Tennessee (three times), Arkansas and Mississippi.

HelmetCloseUpI have loved to write since I was a child but never really developed it for a variety of self-sabotaging reasons.  I’m working on overcoming those self-imposed barriers.

I have two wonderful sons who I love more than anything but God.

I’m a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles and Flyers.  And Penn State sports.  And NASCAR.

I have a massive creative streak and I absolutely love the process of creating a new idea.

Get me out into nature on a long drive or hike and I immediately feel the stress falling away.

bwsunglassesI do improv comedy when I can because it’s fun.  I enjoy making people laugh and escape the pressures of life for a while.

I’m a HUGE Rush fan.

I read.  A lot.  I love a good detective/mystery novel. Steven James is a favorite.  The late Robert Ludlum.  Honestly, if it’s a great story, it usually can hook me.

Swedish. Fish.

I love to study Scripture, I love to debate meaning.  I love Romans, Revelation and James.

If you need someone to speak to your group about keeping your faith in difficult times; overcoming devastating events like divorce, extended job loss or addiction; or a challenge to look at the word in a way that guides their life, let’s talk.


If you would like to send feedback about the site or contact me for more information, here’s a few ways to do it.




All Scriptures quoted on this website are ESV unless otherwise marked.
Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed on this site are my personal views and not necessarily those of anyone I work for, work with, know, have one been seen in a picture with or anything like that.  It’s just me.