Greetings from Jonesboro, Arkansas

I know the blog has been down for quite a while.  The reason, in a nutshell, is that after feeling God tell me write a blog entry on the bible that flows with oil, I was laid off from my journalism job and then my entire world collapsed around me.  I’m digging out of the rubble to try and rebuild life in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

So I’m resurrecting the blog as a way to do some creative writing…I need a creative outlet for writing.  I’ve been doing some photography and love that medium (see my work at but at my core I’m a writer and need some way to put words down on paper (or, in this case, screen.)

I’m going to focus on any good things that might happen as well as what it’s like to live in Jonesboro when you’re not born and raised here.

So far, it’s still been quite the struggle as I haven’t been able to find a decent job.  I’ve been knocking down doors, literally sent out hundreds of resumes and had a few interviews but haven’t been “the one” they choose for their job.  God has a plan…but He is sure taking His grand old time in bringing His provision here!  You would think some business in town could use someone with 25+ years experience in media, writing and reporting…dealing with the public….

Jonesboro is a decent place to live.  I have a great church to attend, Refuge Church.  Pastor Matt Smith is one seriously wise pastor dude. PLUS…he preaches out of the Bible!  How radical is that idea in 2018? 🙂  The associate pastor James Turner is one solid dude and a Philadelphia Eagles fan, so obviously the Lord has given him wisdom.  I’ve been able to make a few strong acquaintances that could develop into actual friendships and that’s a really good thing.

A downside to Jonesboro is there’s not really a lot for a single person over 40 to do if you don’t drink alcohol and don’t like to hang out at bars.  However, I’m going to be trying to make some things happen in the near future.  🙂

Of course, the best part of all this is being just over an hour from the boys meaning I see them a lot more than I did living in Nashville.

One of the major focuses on my moving here was to get my health in line.  Folks around me keeping me in check and making sure I stay on track.  Yesterday I weighed in at 307, which is 30 pounds down from my high point before I went on my diet.  I feel a lot better although I’m still nowhere near where I want to be.  But I’ll get there.

I’m hoping to get a real estate photography business off the ground here.  I’ll have more on that in the near future.

I’ll try to write on a regular basis for those of you who followed it in the past.  Don’t expect political exposition or long spiritual discussions.  (I may touch on something I’ve been learning through Scripture study, but not all the time.)  Expect a lot of pictures and exploring the area.

Oh, but do expect a rant against online dating services in the near future. 🙂


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