I Need Your Help

Hello folks.  This blog is going to be a little long, but I want to make sure I’m clear and don’t leave anything important out.

The bottom line is that I need your help.

Some invoices haven’t come in that are overdue and it’s left me in a serious financial crunch.  Not that we all don’t have those struggles, but in this case it’s a serious portion of my monthly income that has disappeared and I’m in the danger of not being able to pay rent, etc.  So I’m going to ask for your help in promoting a project that I feel led to share with you.

I’ve had a voice service for years I’ve called Church Voice Guy.  I haven’t promoted it very much because it’s been a ministry of love for the most part.  However, the time has come where I really need to make it a proper business and build clients to, well, eat.

Here’s a video I did that’ll be posted on the site to help promote it:

I’ll be able to help churches with many things like:

Recording the Sunday morning announcements in a manner that be used as the pre-service event or as a transition time for the service.

Cleaning up audio of sermons for posting on websites.

Editing video to help create video podcasts.

Building basic websites for churches who currently have no web presence or a weak web presence along with maintaining them.


There’s a lot more I can do as well.  For example, if you know someone who has a business and wants to be able to control their own radio advertising instead of letting the local radio station make the commercial, I can help there.  (A different voice than what’s normally heard on a station differentiates you from your competitors.)


Now, you’re probably asking “um, don’t you already work two jobs?”  Yeah, I do.   I’m so thankful for both of my jobs.  My job writing news for the Jim Bakker Show website has been a steady rock for years.  I LOVE my job as anchor/senior correspondent/web editor/assignment editor/chief cook & bottle washer for USA Headline News.  If they were to go away tomorrow, I would be immensely saddened but I would somehow find a way to thank God for the time and blessings of those jobs.

Unfortunately in our wonderful economy, I can’t make ends meet on just those two jobs.

So if you could, please talk to your pastors and churches you know about Church Voice Guy and see if they might be interested in contracting with me to help them.

Right now, I have a goal of 25 churches at $100 a month.  That would be bare minimum that I would need.

And your help/word-of-mouth is vital.  I don’t have a Rick Warren or someone like that endorsing me to help get the word out.  I don’t have an advertising budget because, well, food and clothing.

And yes, I will be open to new job possibilities.  The hard part is that they have to be within 4 hours of my boys, because I will not give up being their father.  Ideally, a job I can work from home would be the best like the voice production business because of my other two jobs but I know it’s likely I’ll have to end one of them to get a better paying job.  And I hate that, but I’m trusting if God is moving this way, He has something better planned for me.


So please, if you can help spread the word, spread it.  And please keep praying.  I guess just God just needs to refine me with fire a little more. 🙂

Any questions, email me at jason at jasoncwert.com or jason at churchvoiceguy.com.


Author: Jason

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