Stop Justifying Hate Speech

America has reached a point where hatred of a political opponent is so intense that it’s justifying someone mocking photos of terrorists beheading victims with a beheading of the President of the United States.

This is how far the United States has fallen.


Sure, we’ve had times of passionate debate and that’s been around since the start of the country. However, even in the worst of times such as around the Civil War, you didn’t see “famous” people or entertainers advocating for the assassination of the President.

There were some things that even in the midst of all our divisive feelings, you still had respect for that office. The Confederate Army wasn’t trying to kill Lincoln; they wanted to capture him.  Sure, Lincoln was severely mocked (on Trumpian levels) by the press of his day.  Calling for his death was never excused and downplayed.


And now we have a Hollywood C-list celebrity posting a photo of herself holding the severed head of the President of the United States in the same manner as an Islamic terrorist once hoisted the severed head of Nick Berg.

There was outrage from Trump supporters. Justifiably so.

Then there was a response from the left.

Some people condemned in harsh terms. Justifiably so.

More of them tried to make excuses for Griffin’s posting of the beheading of the President. Tried to compare it to Trump’s “grab ‘em by the p****” comment that his detractors like to trot out.

In some cases, it was very subtle and in the context of a stream that made it appear the person in question was being solid in his condemnation of Griffin and her action.

Take, for example, this tweet from CNN’s Jake Tapper. At first, this post seems innocent until you stop and think about it.

What did Mr. Tapper do here? He puts a photo showing the President beheaded in line with someone mocking a person with a disability.

That was, of course, in reference to the debunked claim President Trump was mocking a disabled reporter. That has been proven to be false, but Jake continues to push that false narrative.

Then the “denigrating POWs.” A shot at Trump for his comments about John McCain. Yes, Trump made those comments. They were offensive in the pure context of that situation. However, Trump never called for McCain to be beheaded.


This is how liberals are trying to downplay the open hate of Kathy Griffin and try to justify her actions as somehow part and parcel of today’s political realm.


Advocating in any way…even in jest…the beheading of a President is nowhere near the level of a comment insulting a POW.

It’s nowhere near someone making fun of a disabled person. I have a child with autism. We’ve had to deal with people insulting him, mocking him and our family. Sure, it’s painful and it’s not right. It’s also nowhere near someone advocating the beheading of a President.

Then the word came out that 11-year-old Barron Trump was upset when he saw the picture because he thought for a moment someone had really beheaded his father.

And the left started mocking him.

An example? Here is Golden Globe winning actor Don Cheadle taking the President’s tweet saying his child was having trouble with it and used it to mock the President:


Don Cheadle's twitter hate speech

And, if you didn’t realize it, the last part was Cheadle claiming that Trump is neglecting his son by being President. No other President was doing that in the mind of Cheadle, mind you. Just Trump.

This is the kind of open hate is that not only being excused by the Jake Tappers of the world, it’s being openly fostered by people like Don Cheadle.

And they have huge platforms with which to spread their hate.

The time has come for people who are not on the fringes to take a hard look at the people around them and the comments that they are making regarding things like this Griffin situation.

The more we allow people to justify the actions of open hate by those on the left side of the political spectrum the more it’s just going to increase. Unfortunately, there are easily swayed people out there who will see this unabated stream of hate in their social media and nightly/cable news that soon they’ll believe hate speech to be truth.

This is a photo of white supremacist Richard Spencer. The man is a blight on society.

People like Don Cheadle and their extremist hate need to be condemned the way we condemn the ignorant ranting of Richard Spencer or Terry Jones (the idiot “pastor” who burned a Koran.)


It starts with you.

Look at the people you are allowing into your life. Your Facebook or Twitter timelines. The people you sit with at church. The folks you chug lattes with at Starbucks.

What are they saying? Are they spewing the hate speech of the Don Cheadles of the world? Do they make excuses when someone promotes the beheading of the President of the United States just because they don’t like him?

Is allowing that hate into your life really worth it? Is allowing that poison into your life the best thing for you, your family, your friends?

I would say no, it’s not.

So how do you combat this hate in a way that is beneficial for you and those around you?

Cut those people off.

For example, let’s take Don Cheadle. He’s a great actor. No doubt about that. However, guess what? There are a lot of great actors out there who don’t spew hate speech and try to justify photos showing a President beheaded.

The incredible Denzel Freaking Washington.

Seriously. Denzel Washington is ten times the actor Cheadle is on his best day.

You really lose nothing in your life by unfollowing Cheadle on social media and no longer paying to see his movies and/or pay for a pay-cable channel for his latest TV show.

That works for any celebrity you may be following. No matter how much you love them, if they spew hate speech you need to move on. You’ll find someone to replace them.

Now, what about friends and family? This, I admit, is harder.

This is where the rubber of wanting civility in society and hate out of your life hits the proverbial road.

First step? Cut them off on social media. If you don’t want to unfriend them on your social networks, you can block their posts so they don’t show up in your timeline feeds AND so you can’t see their replies to your postings. Out of sight, out of mind. Less hate in front of you each day.

If they confront you about it (and people who spew hate speech usually do) then you have to just say you’re tired of their hate speech and while you love and care about them, you’re not going to enable their hate speech and lies.

You will lose friends. You will have family members that suddenly stop talking to you.

But really…is it THAT big a loss?

The hate speech and negativity that leaves your life will leave you feeling better, your mind clearer and overall a healthier person for those who are still in your life.

Now, if you do this, there is one thing is that become incumbent upon you.

You can’t be spewing hate speech yourself.

No more rumors.  No more innuendo.  No more “well, someone on TV said X” when you know that person or source is questionable.  When an idiot comes out threatening to burn a Koran, you need to call them out for it.  When someone idiot tries to justify violence against abortion providers, you need to call that person out for their idiocy.

In that, you’re cutting even more hate from your life.


It can be done.  It’s hard.  I can be lonely.  But the payoff at the end is worth it.


Now, there’s a whole other avenue to this that I don’t want to spend 20 paragraphs walking down because we don’t need to do that. 🙂

If someone you talk to about this or someone you have to cut off comes back to you repentant of their actions, acknowledging they were spewing hate speech and wanting to reconnect….do it.

The goal is for people, no matter how passionate they are about an issue, to realize hate speech and repeating lies about others is the major overarching issue to all of this.  If we get rid of the hate, end the ongoing campaign of lies in so many political (and church) areas, then a lot of truth and peace will start to flourish.  And that’s better for everyone.


Author: Jason

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  • Great article jason! I don’t ever regret my decision not to be on social media. My life is less cluttered and certainly richer because I am not. as for the kathy griffin’s of the world: arriverderci! (or however you spell it). Too bad it doesn’t spell the death knell to her career like it would if a christ-follower posted something like that. Talk about hate speech! I just get so tired of all the garbage I barely listen any more.

    • I’ve cut a lot of folks out of my daily life in the last year and it’s made a world of difference. I feel a lot less stress when I don’t see posts with lies and hate popping up all the time. Hope you’re well, man.